About Computer Science

What will I learn from Computer Science?

Computer science is the art of analyzing real-world problems, designing computer-based solutions for those problems, and instructing the computer to carry out the solutions subject to inputs and constraints. As a computer science student, you will learn about:

  1. basics of computers and computational thinking,
  2. programming general-purpose computers,
  3. designing software systems that meet the users’ needs,
  4. developing systems that operate and manage computers and communication platforms, and
  5. developing intelligent capabilities that enable decision making by computers.

To achieve those learning goals, computer science students take a variety of courses offered by the Department of Computer Science at Kuwait University. Students are exposed to state-of-the art material, learn about strong and reliable programming platforms, develop a deep understanding of systems software, and develop the skills for design and implementation of various computer science applications.

What will I do when I graduate?

When you are awarded a degree in computer science, you can apply for jobs at government agencies, ministries, the oil sector, banks, telecommunications companies, and small and medium enterprises (startups). The growing demand for computer science professionals in Kuwait creates an unprecedented opportunity for our graduates to find satisfactory jobs with highly desired career paths. Our graduates mostly work as software engineers, database engineers, application programmers, and system administrators.