CS491 Capstone I


CS491 Capstone Project I is a compulsory course for every computer science student admitted in or after the academic year 2018/2019. This course serves as a foundation for CS492 Capstone Project II. During CS491, the students receive full three-hour weekly lectures, mainly focusing on computer ethics and human-computer interaction (HCI) concepts. Students will be assigned a project advisor, form a project idea in collaboration with the advisor, and prepare a proposal to be presented to the Capstone Project Committee (CPC). The CPC committee designates the advisor for teams and students will enroll in CS492 sections listed under their advisor names. The experience of preparing the proposal includes developing the main idea, preparing a set of high-level features after identifying and consulting stakeholders, developing a simple prototype showcasing an architecture of the final product to be developed, producing full technical documentation of the proposal and the project plan, and presenting the work to the CPC.


CS491 teams must present their project proposals to the CPC during the last week of classes. The precise date of presentations will be announced on this page and by the CPC. After the presentation, the teams are required to take the feedback from CPC and perform modifications if necessary.

What should be included in the proposal?

The following are the required items.
1. A project codename.
2. A full description of the problem to be solved by the final outcome of the project.
3. A GitHub repository to include the project’s source.
4. A set of challenges (technical problems that are often difficult to solve) and risks (problems that may delay or cause the project to fail) that might be faced by the team.
5. A choice of software development method (consult IBM for a good guide).
6. A full development plan based on the choice in the previous item (consult Lucidcharts), including distribution of tasks on team members.
7. A prototype of the final product to be delivered in CS492, using a prototyping tool.



Grading System