Undergraduate Alumni

Project TitleTeam membersAdvisorYear
SolefOsama Zaid, Alrabab Sattar, Ghaliah AlotaibiMohammad Almutawa2021
SignShaikha Alajmi, Noura AlnaseemMansour Abdulaziz2021
Pocket Chef Fai Almutawa, Mohammad AljassimFawaz Alazemi2020
CSBotMunir Gulamic, Ahmed MohammedMohammed Smaoui2020
Campus navigation Bashayer Aleid, Rykiya AbdulrahimMansour Abdulaziz2020
Datashops: A scalable online shopping systemMohamad Alhadar, Abdulrahman Fattah, Sheikha AlmeshriHussain Almohri2019
Automatic Collision Reporting (ACR)Fouz Kraidis, Batool AhmadMansour Abdulaziz2019
Bioinformatics research databaseTalal Hamed, Elhussaini ZaghloolMohamed Smaoui2019
AutodocAhmad Buhamad, Batool AlhindyaniZaid Hussain2018
TawfeerRaghad Butaiban, Sara AlEneziHamdi Yahyaoui2018
E-SchoolSuliman Sallam and Amro TariqBader Albader2018
CSL: Computer Science LibraryNoura AL-Hailan, Dhuha Mohammed AljubairiMohammad Almutawa2018
Web-based Application for Course Outcomes AssessmentOmar Ba Saleh, Hazem IsmaeilHamdi Yahyaoui2017
iUniversityKhadeja Shehab, Norah AlhilanMohammad Rashed Almulla2017
KhedmatAli Al-Ebrahim, Yousef Al-Huwaidi, Mshary Al-SharekhMohammad Almutawa2017
Meetain: An online multiplayer card gameAhmad Alkanderi, Mahmoud Alawadh, Ahmad AlqinaiHussain Almohri2016
iMathGhessnah Alajmi, Wael Althafeeri, Mohammad AlmogyBader Albader2016
Gulf Card Challenge GameManayer Madi, Fayza Al-Dossari, Amadou SowMohammad Almulla2015

Graduate Alumni

Noura AlajmiTDr. Mohammad AlmullaPerformance Analysis of Selective Control Strategies and Inference Mechanisms in Rule-based Expert Systems2020/2021
Mohammad CharrawiTDr. Zaid HussainMultidimensional L-Network Topology2020/2021
Noor Al AdsaniTDr. Hussain AlmohriAn Evaluation Client Scheduling Schemes for Moving Target Defenses in Cloud Networks2019/2020
Mohammed QassemTDr. Hussain AlmohriAn efficient deception architecture for cloud-based virtual network2018/2019
Mohammed AwadTDr. Zaid HussainPanconnectivity in EJ networks2018/2019
Hesham AlmansouriTDr. Zaid HussainGeneral Disjoint Paths Algorithms for Symmetric Networks2018/2019
Zainab Jawad Al-AmirTDr. Ludovit NiepelLocating Dominating set in Infinite Square Grids2017/2018
Fatimah AlmutaileqTDr. Zaid HussainKhawla Al-ShaijiMulti-Stage Flashing Desalination Process Intrusion Detection System2017/2018
Mubarak Hamad AlMarriTDr. Hazem RaafatDNN Approach to Computer-Aided Language Pronunciation Applied on Quran Recitation2016/2017
Mejren Ebrahem Mohammad TDr. Sabu EmmanuelImage Copy-Move Forgery Detection2016/2017
Nabegh AlthaljiPDr. Hazem RaafatMining Twitter for sentiment Analysis in Arabic2015/2016
Aisha AlmutairiTDr. Hamdi YahyaouiDr. Hazem RaafatClassification and Ranking of service Trust Behaviors2015/2016
 Jumana ElqurnaTDr. Hamdi YahyaouiDr. Mohammed AlmullaA framework for the verification of service trust behaviors2015/2016
Safa’a AlQallafTDr. Mohammed Al-MullaDr. Ludovit NiepelOn the Efficiency of Local Search Approximation Algorithms for Solving Graph Partitioning Problems2014/2015
Mohammed Fathy Ahmed SalehTDr. Hazem RaafatMulti-Scale Multi-Direction DCT for Defect Detection2014/2015
Mariam Mustafa KinawiTDr. Ludvit NiepelDr. Zaid HussainOn Locating Paired-Dominating Sets in Infinite Grids2014/2015
Eiman A. BoujarwahTDr. Mohammed Al-MullaDr. Hamdi YahyaouiWeb Services Semantic Similarity and Classification Using Conceptual Graphs2014/2015
Qadha`a Fazza`a Al-EneziTDr. Hosam AboelfotohDr. Bader AlbdaiwiSolution of the Variable sized Bin Packing Problem Using the P System and CUDA Architecture2014/2015
Balqees BehbehaniTDr. Ludvit NiepelAn Algorithm for Finding the Fastest Path in a Traffic Network2013/2014
Nayfah AlMutairiTDr. Soud AldarmiElectronic Avian Veterinary (E-Vet)2013/2014
Nora Al-JeraiTDr. Azzedine BoukercheDr. Mohammed AlmullaPerformance Evaluation of Gateway Discovery Protocols for Vehicular Networks2012/2013
Reem AldaihaniTDr. Hosam AboElFotohA New Scheme for Maximizing the Lifetime of Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks2010/2011
Nader Mohammed AlawadhiTDr. Mohammed AlmullaNew encoding techniques for combinational decompressors and a new partial-scan scheme2010/2011
Asmaa AlotaibiPDr. Ludvit NiepelImplementing Simulated Annealing on Minimal Domination Problem in Digraphs2010/2011
Abdullah AlEnziPDr. Ayman AlawadhiTwo Layer Steganography Image System (2L SIS)2010/2011
Adam AhmedPDr. Saud Al-Darmi The Multilingual Database of Hadith 2010/2011
Fatema albdaiwiPDr. Saud Al-DarmiCS Scholarship System2009/2010
Samah Mohamed SaeedTDr. Ozgur SinanogluArchitectural Enhancements in Compression Based Scan Testing2009/2010
Fato Mohammed AbdulfattahPDr. Hosam AboElfotohSimulation study of the effect of clustering on the lifetime of wireless sensor networks2009/2010
Amna OthmanPDr. Hazem RaafatKnowledge Discovery in Automated Theorem Provers2009/2010
Hiba al-shaijyPDr. Hossam AboElfotohA new scheme for packet coding in wireless networks2008/2009
Mohammed Nael TahaPDr. Mohammed AlmullaA parallel approach for computing delay assignment of test patterns using XOR-Decompressors2008/2009
Hamad Al-MutairiPDr. Ludvit NiepelEmployee scheduling problem with multiple shifts and work locations2007/2008
Al Hussain AliTDr. Hazem RaafatA Training-Weighted Combined LVQ Neural Networks Classified and its Application to Face Recognition2006/2007
Fadi DeebTDr. Ludvit NiepelA Methodology for Discovering Spatial Colocation Patterns2006/2007
Anas NaifehPDr. Ziad NajemCircus Net: A server-Based, Zero Footprint PDF Converter2006/2007
Noora ShunaibarPDr. Mohammed AlmullaBuilding a Smart Semantic Tree Theorem Prover 2006/2007
Yaser AlMtawaTDr. Ludvit NiepelHistories and Domination of Iterated Path Graphs2005/2006
Khalid SaaifanPDr. Hazem RaafatA Rule-Based Classifier for Arabic Text2005/2006