Ahmed Bader HumoudKuwait UniversityHierarchical RouterLess Network on ChipFeb 28. 2024A1, Room 9712:30 PM
Mohammad KhajahKISRDemystifying Generative AIDec 13, 2023Auditorium 112:30 PM
Mohammad AlmullaKuwait UniversitySeminar on ChatGPTMar 20, 2023A1, Room 9712:30 PM
Galal HassanKuwait UniversityMachine Learning Serving CS: New Faster Matrix Multiplication AlgorithmsMar 1, 2023A1, Room 15312:30 PM
Khalid AlaneziPAAETEmploying Edge Computing To Provide System Support For The Internet of ThingsNov 7, 2022A1, Room 15312:30 PM
Nour AljeriGUSTSmart and Green Mobility Management For Connected Vehicular NetworksNov 2, 2022A1, Room 7112:30 PM
Abdulrahman AlqallafKuwait UniversityWorking in Data & AIMay 30, 2022A1, Room 1531:00 PM
Noura AlAjmiKuwait UniversityPerformance Analysis of Selective Control Strategies and Inference Mechanisms in Rule-based Expert Systems Sep 22, 2021 Teams3:00 PM
Mohammad CharrwiKuwait UniversityMulti-Dimensional L-Network TopologyAug 18, 2021Teams3:00 PM
Ruoxi JiaVirginia TechSafeguarding Privacy in Deep LearningApr 5, 2021Zoom5:00 PM
Mais AlghanimKuwait UniversityImplementing the “particle flow” clustering and particle identification algorithm to run on a GPU-based system for online reconstructionMar 4, 2021Teams12:30 PM
Ahmad BaderKuwait UniversityEnergy-Aware Trust Management in IoTMar 3, 2021Teams12:30 PM
Ahmad LafiKuwait UniversityA Fuzzy-Learning Physician Training System to Improve CSII Treatment Outcomes in Type 1 DiabetesMar 1, 2021Teams12:30 PM
Ali AlmousawiKuwait UniversityUsing Machine Learning Techniques for Anomaly Detection in IoT Communication BehaviorFeb 17, 2021Teams12:30 PM
Riad WahbyStanford UniversityBreaking the Chains of Implicit TrustFeb 15, 2021Zoom4:00 PM
Nour AlAdsaniKuwait UniversityAn Evaluation Client Scheduling Schemes for Moving Target Defenses in Cloud NetworksOct 5, 2020Teams5:00 PM
Layne WatsonVirginia TechMathematical Software for Continuous Optimization July 22, 2020Zoom4:00 PM
Abdullah AlshammariKuwait UniversityImage-based modeling of nutrient transport: Current advances & open problemsFebruary 17, 2020MCC Lab 2 12:30 PM
Mohammad SuoudKuwait UniversityWebAuthn, FIDO2, and Passwordless TechnologiesFebruary 10, 2020MCC Lab 2 12:30 PM
Peter HorakUniversity of Washington TacomaModern Coding TheoryDecember 11, 201931KH – Room 12512:30 PM
Peter HorakUniversity of Washington TacomaChallenges of Contemporary CryptographyDecember 9, 201931KH – Room 12512:30 PM
Mohammad Walid CharrwiKuwait University Multidimensional L-Networks: An Approach to the Topology of Higher Degree L-NetworksDecember 4, 2019MCC Lab 2 1:15 PM
Abdulatif AlbusairiKuwait University Deep Learning and Adversarial Examples: Overview of Techniques, Attacks, and DefensesDecember 4, 2019MCC Lab 2 12:30 PM
Fawaz AlAzemiKuwait University Routerless Network-on-chipNovember 25, 2019MCC Lab 2 12:30 PM
Jamshaid AshrafDPS KuwaitKnowledge Graph – Industrial applications and research directionNovember 11, 2019MCC Lab 2 12:30 PM
Paul ManuelKuwait University Chicken or Egg ParadoxNovember 4, 2019MCC Lab 2 12:30 PM
Ameer Mohammed & Tassos DimitriouKuwait University Fair and Privacy-Respecting Bitcoin Payments for Smart Grid DataOctober 22, 2019MCC Lab 2 12:30 PM
Hussien AldulamiKuwait Oil CompanyIn-house Development Journey in Kuwait Oil CompanyOctober 16, 2019MCC Lab 2 12:30 PM
Ali KansoKuwait UniversityAn Efficient and Robust Image Encryption Scheme for Medical ApplicationsApril 22, 2019MCC Lab 2 12:30 PM
Mohammad SamouiKuwait UniversityInvestigating the Effect of Mutations on the Stability and Toxicity of Amyloid Proteins for Therapeutic BenefitApril 10, 2019MCC Lab 2 12:30 PM
Mohammad SuoudKuwait UniversityThe MARC 21 Cataloging FormatMarch 18, 2019MCC Lab 2 12:30 PM
Galal HassanKuwait UniversityCombinatorics on WordsFebruary 11, 2019MCC Lab 2 12:30 PM
Omar Al-SaptiProtecting Private Data in Trustless ServersDecember 5, 2018MCC Lab 2 12:30 PM
Fares KhazaalPAAETFundamental Concepts of Deep LearningDecember 3, 2018MCC Lab 2 12:30 PM
Abdulatif AlbusairiNafaes International GroupThe Stock Exchange Trading SystemNovember 28, 2018MCC Lab 2 12:30 PM
Ahmad AlothmanKuwait UniversityModel-Free Variable Selection for Two Groups of VariablesNovember 26, 2018MCC Lab 2 12:30 PM
Abbas AlameerKuwait University The Bioinformatics of Protein Interaction Prediction and Modelling October 17, 2018MCC Lab 2 12:30 PM
Mejren Ebrahem Mohammad  Kuwait University Image Copy-Move Forgery Detection June 7, 2017 MCC Lab 2 12:45 PM  
Mohammad Suoud Kuwait University 3D Holography HoloCube April 12, 2017 Lab2, MCC 12:30 PM 
Paul Manuel Kuwait University Relational Identity Algorithm-Social Media March 1, 2017 Lab2, MCC 12:30 PM 
Suhaib Musleh Kuwait University Digital Video Forgery Detection for Forensic purposes December 28, 2016 Lab 2, MCC 12:30 PM 
Muhanad Ahmad Kuwait University Big Data Mining December 26, 2016 Lab 2, MCC 12:30 PM 
Abdullah AlShatti Kuwait University Solving The Quadratic Assignment Problem Using GPUs December 21, 2016 Lab 2, MCC 12:30 PM 
Yousef Al-Hashash Kuwait University 3D Modeling User Interface Methods November 28, 2016 Lab 2, MCC 1:00 PM – 1:45 
Dragan Stevanovic Kuwait University On comparing walk counts in Graphs November 14, 2016 Lab 2, MCC 12:30 PM 
Mubarak Al-Marri Kuwait University DNN Approach to Computer Aided Language Pronunciation Applied on Qur’an Recitation October 19, 2016 MCC Lab 2 12:30 PM 
Paul Manuel Kuwait University The chicken or egg paradox October 10, 2016 Lab 2, MCC 12:30 PM 
Paul Manuel Kuwait University A bridge too far October 10, 2016 Lab2, MCC 12:30 PM 
Jumana El-Qurna Kuwait University A Model Checking Framework for the Verification of Service Trust Behaviors April 27, 2016 Lab 2, MCC 12:45 PM 
Hosam Aboelfotoh Kuwait University Introduction to GPGPU and Cuda C/C++ April 13, 2016 Lab 2, MCC 12:30 PM 
Aisha Al-Mutairi Kuwait University Classification and Ranking of Service Trust Behaviors April 6, 2016 Lab2, MCC 12:30 PM 
Prof.Robert Aldred  University of Otago, NZ Counting cycles in cubic graphs March 30, 2016 Seminars Hall 11912:30-1:15 PM 
Robert Aldred  University of Otago, NZBounding the maximum number of cycles in a gragh with p vertices and q edges  March 28, 2016 Lab 2, MCC 12:30 PM -1:15 PM 
Mohammad Suoud Kuwait University Introduction to 3D HOLOGRAPHY Applications and Research Areas. March 23, 2016 Lab 2, MCC 12:30 PM 
Eiman Boujarwah  KFASWorking as an Analyst Programmer in Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research  March 16, 2016 Lab2, MCC  12:30 PM  
Fatimah Al Moutailig Kuwait University Intrusion Detection Systems for Cyber December 16, 2015 MCC Lab2 12:30 PM 
Nabegh.A.Althalji Kuwait University Mining Twitter for Sentiment Analysis in Arabic December 9, 2015 Lab 3, MCC 3:00 PM 
Hosam AboeLfotoh Kuwait University Introduction to GPGPU and Cuda C/C++ December 9, 2015 MCC Lab2 1:00 PM 
Dragan Stevanovic Kuwait University On ± 1 eigenvector of ƒ graphs. November 30, 2015 Lab 2, MCC 1:00 PM  
Mehmet Karaata Kuwait University Stabilizing Distributed Systems. November 16, 2015 Lab 2, MCC 1:10 PM  
Sabu Emmanuel Kuwait University Object Tracking for Surveillance November 2, 2015 Lab 2, MCC 1:10 PM  
Eiman Ahmad Boujarwah Kuwait University Web Services Semantic Similarity and Classification Using Conceptual Graphs May 10, 2015 MCC Lab 2 10:00 AM  
Sayed Hussain Al-Mohri Kuwait University Computer vision techniques for motion detection April 27, 2015 Lab 2, MCC 2:00 PM 
Qadha’a Fazza’a Al-Enezi Kuwait University Solution of the Variable Sized Bin Packing Problem Using the P System and CUDA Architecture April 15, 2015 MCC Lab 2 12:30  
Ludovit Niepel Kuwait University Locating Domination in Digraphs April 13, 2015 MCC Lab 2 12:45 PM 
Hamid Al-Hamadi Kuwait University Dynamic Redundancy Management of Multisource Multipath Routing Integrated with Voting-based Intrusion Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks April 6, 2015 MCC, Lab 2 12:30 
Reem Aldaihani Kuwait University A new scheme for maximizing the lifetime of heterogeneous wireless sensor networks March 4, 2015 MCC Lab 2 12:30  
Safa’a AlQallaf Ministry of Finance Hybrid Local Search Approximation Algorithm for Solving the Capacitated Max-k-Cut Problem February 16, 2015 MCC, Lab 2 3:30 PM 
Peter Horak University of WashingtonModern Cryptography II February 11, 2015 MCC, Lab 2 4:00PM 
Peter Horak University of WashingtonGolomb-Welch Conjecture February 9, 2015 MCC, Lab 2 12:30PM 
Peter Horak University of WashingtonModern Cryptography I February 9, 2015 MCC, Lab 2 4:00PM 
Yousef Alhashemi Kuwait University Android Security December 25, 2014 Room 205 Kh. 31 3:00 PM 
Mejren Al-Hammadi Kuwait University Image Forgery Detection December 17, 2014 MCC Lab 2 12:30 PM 
Maha Alabduljalil Kuwait University Parallel Optimizations for All Pairs Similarity Search and Duplicate Detection Search November 3, 2014 MCC Lab 2 12:30 PM 
Mohammed Fathy Ahmed Saleh Kuwait University Multi-Scale Multi-Direction DCT for Defect Detection September 29, 2014 MCC Lab 2 10:00 am 
Wassim Jaziri University of Sfax, Tunisia Ontologies in Computer Science: their foundations within the Artificial Intelligence and Information Systems Communities September 24, 2014 MCC Lab 2 12:30-1:15 PM 
Wassim Jaziri University of Sfax, TunisiaContributions to Spatial, Temporal and Semantic Information Systems September 22, 2014 MCC Lab 2 12:30-1:15 PM 
Safa’a Al-Qallaf Kuwait University On the Efficiency of Local Search Approximation Algorithms for Solving Graph Partitioning Problems September 22, 2014 MCC Lab2 11:00 AM 
Nayfah M. Almutairi Kuwait University Electronic Avian Veterinary (E-Vet)  May 8, 2014 MCC Lab 2 12:30 PM  
Jumana EL-Qurna Kuwait University Model Checking Algorithms for Pushdown Systems April 24, 2014 MCC Lab2 4:30 pm 
Aisha Al-Mutairi Kuwait University Efficient Service Skyline Computation April 24, 2014 MCC Lab2 3:00pm 
Athman Bouguettaya RMIT University, Australia  Managing Web Services April 17, 2014 MCC Lab 2 1 PM 
Athman Bouguettaya RMIT University, Australia  Servicing Big Data April 16, 2014 MCC Lab 2 12:45 PM  
Bernhard Thalheim Christian Albrechts University at Kiel, Germany Open problems of information systems research  March 26, 2014 MCC Lab 2 12:45PM 
Bernhard Thalheim Christian Albrechts University at Kiel, Germany Web Information System Development March 24, 2014 MCC Lab2 12:45PM 
Bernhard Thalheim Christian Albrechts University at Kiel, Germany Compressed Course this week about “Codesign of Structuring, Functionality, Distribution and Interaction for Information System Development” March 23, 2014 MCC Lab2 3:00 – 5:00 PM 
Mohammed Al-Mutawa Kuwait University An Approach to Preserving Data Privacy in Computation Offload in Pervasive Computing Systems March 10, 2014 MCC Lab 2 12:45 PM 
Sabu Emmannel Kuwait University Media Forensics February 17, 2014 MCC Lab 2 12:45 PM