Breaking the chains of implicit trust

Presented by:

Riad S. Wahby 
Ph.D. candidate at Stanford

Riad S. Wahby is a Ph.D. candidate at Stanford, advised by Dan Boneh and Keith Winstein. His research interests include systems, computer security, and applied cryptography. Prior to attending Stanford, Riad spent ten years as an analog and mixed-signal integrated circuit designer. Riad and his collaborators received a 2016 IEEE Security and Privacy Distinguished Student Paper award; his work on hashing to elliptic curves is being standardized by the IETF.


The success of today’s hardware and software systems is due in part to a mature toolbox of techniques, like abstraction, that systems designers use to manage complexity. While powerful, these techniques are also subtly dangerous: they induce implicit trust relationships among system components and between related systems, presenting attackers with many opportunities to undermine the integrity of our hardware and software.

This talk discusses an approach to building systems with precise control over trust, drawing on techniques from theoretical computer science. Making this approach practical is a challenge that requires innovation across the entire technology stack, from hardware to theory.

Date and Meeting Link

Monday, Feb 15, 2021 at 4 PM
Zoom Meeting ID: 957 8321 0105