Invited Talk May 15 2024

Title: The Evolving Landscape of Computing Education


Computing has become pervasive, and the roles of computing professionals have
expanded dramatically. These professionals not only help design, build, and
operate information technology systems, but they must also address concerns
that range from trustworthiness to usability. A key question is how computer
science education can enable students to navigate through the broad and
diverse computing curriculum to pursue a coherent program that is aligned
with their future identities and roles as computing professionals. We will
discuss the Georgia Tech threads model that was developed to answer this
question. This model allows undergraduate computer science students to learn
foundational computer science but also tailor coursework based on their
interests. By combining threads that range from traditional computer systems
and architecture to cybersecurity and artificial intelligence, we can prepare
students for numerous future roles. We will also discuss a new cybersecurity
and privacy thread that has recently been developed and how it can help
prepare computer science students for roles that focus on safeguarding
information technology systems and applications enabled by them.

Date and Time: 15 May 2024 at 12:30 PM

Location: Science Auditorium II

Presenter: Prof. Mustaque Ahamad of Georgia Tech