Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long does it take to finish a Computer Science degree?
    The usual period is 4 years.
  2. What subjects do I need to finish before starting with Computer Science Courses?
    If you did not pass/did not take the Mathematics and English Aptitude exams, you need to pass the following courses before starting your Computer Science journey:
    1. Pre-Calculus
    2. Pre-English
  3. I passed Pre-Calculus and Pre-English, what do I do now?
    Congratulations! Your CS Journey begins with the following subjects
    1. Programming 1 (0418-141)
    2. Discrete Mathematics (0418-111)
  4. Who can I talk to about the major or my schedule?
    You can directly ask our Assistant Professor & Student Counsellor, Dr. Mansour Abdulaziz. or email him at
  5. Where can I work when I graduate?
    1. Governments
    2. Ministries
    3. Oil Sectors
    4. Banks
    5. Private Sector
    6. Telecommunication Companies
    7. Local and International Startups
  6. What programming languages will I learn during my 4 years?
    You will learn so many languages that will benefit you in your career after graduation.
    1. C++ in Programming 1 and 2
    2. HTML/CSS/Javascript/Django in Web Development
    3. C in Programming in C and Unix
    4. SQL in Database Systems
    5. Python in Numerical Computation
    6. SMLNJ / Prolog in Declarative Programming
    7. You will also learn some languages on your own to deliver your perfect project during the years.
  7. Do I need a computer? If so, what are the specs?
    Yes, you do need a computer. The required specification to make your CS journey easier is a RAM of minimum 8GB and minimum storage of 128GB SSD.