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Norah AlajmiTrends and Technologies Used in Developing Expert SystemsApr 29, 2019Lab2, MCC1:00PM
Dr. Ali KansoAn Efficient and Robust Image Encryption Scheme for Medical ApplicationsApr 22, 2019Lab2, MCC12:30PM
Dr. Mohammad SmaouiInvestigating the Effect of Mutations on the Stability and Toxicity of Amyloid Proteins for Therapeutic BenefitApr 8, 2019Lab2, MCC12:30PM
Mohammad SuoudThe MARC 21 Cataloging FormatMar 18, 2019Lab2, MCC12:30PM
Galal HassanAn Overview of the Field of Combinatorics on WordsFeb 11, 2019Lab2, MCC12:30PM
Omar Al-SaptiProtecting Private Data in Trustless ServersDec 5, 2018Lab2, MCC12:30PM
Fares KhazaalFundamental Concepts of Deep LearningDec 3, 2018Lab2, MCC12:30PM
Abdulatif AlbusairiModel-Free Variable Selection for Two Groups of VariablesNov 28, 2018Lab2, MCC12:30PM
Dr. Ahmad AlothmanThe Stock Exchange Trading SystemNov 26, 2018Lab2, MCC12:30PM
Dr. Haidar AlmohriA Crash Course in Data Analysis with RNov 6, 2018Lab2, MCC4PM-7:30PM
Dr. Abbas AlameerThe Bioinformatics of Protein Interaction Prediction and ModellingOct 17, 2018Lab2, MCC12:30 PM
Ahmad Buhamad & Batool AlHindyaniCapstone TalkOct 8, 2018Lab 2,MCC12:30 PM
Fatimah Abdullah AL MutaileqMulti Stage Flashing DesalinationJul 16, 2018Lab2, MCC10:00 AM
Mohammad AwadhCommunication Algorithms in Eisenstein-Jacobi Interconnection NetworkApr 30, 2018Lab 2,MCC12:45 PM
Hussain MustafawiDifferent techniques used to mine big social media dataApr 25, 2018Lab 2,MCC12:45 PM
Shatha HassanLocating paired dominating set in 3D gridsApr 18, 2018Lab 2,MCC12:45 PM
Mohammed QassemOn the Effectiveness of Deception and Diversity for Preventing Large Scale Network AttacksApr 16, 2018Lab 2,MCC12:45 PM
Dr. Mazharuddin Syed AhmedMeta-Analyses and systematic review of published articles using big data, machine learning and bibliometric techniquesApr 4, 2018Lab 2,MCC 
12:45 PM
Dr.Haider AlmohriMethods for Model-basedClustering with Group StructureMar 5, 2018Lab 2, MCC12:45 PM
Dr.Hamdi YahyaouiSymbolic Aggregate ApproximationFeb 21, 2018Lab 2, MCC12:45 PM
Paul ManuelGraph Theory General Position Problem with applicationsFeb 14, 2018Lab 2, MCC12:45 PM
Mr.Hesham AlmansouriDisjoint Paths and Cycles in Interconnection NetworksDec 18, 2017Lab 2, MCC12:45 PM
Nora AlrashidiA Moving Target Defense and Secure Routing Perspective Toward Secure Mobile Ad-hoc NetworksDec 13, 2017Lab 2, MCC12:45 PM
Nour AladsaniApproaches and Challenges in Designing Moving Target Defense for the CloudDec 11, 2017Lab 2, MCC1:00 PM
Dr. Kassem SalehThe Business Analysis Profession An Abridged TaleDec 6, 2017Lab 2, MCC12:30 PM
Dr. Mansour AbdulazizMuTrans: A Multi-Channel Network Coding Approach to Mobile Data CollectionOct 16, 2017Lab 2, MCC12:30 PM
Prof Paul ManuelUniversity Rankings, Ratings and Other StrategiesOct 9, 2017Lab 2, MCC12:30 PM
Zainab Jawad Al-AmeerLocating Dominating set in Infinite Square GridsSept 20, 2017Lab 2, MCC12:45 PM
DR. Hosam
Dr. Sabu
Research from the Computer Science DepartmentMay 10, 2017AD4, Seminar Room, 2nd Floor12:45 PM
Prof. Mohammad Sarfraz
Dr. Dari ALhuwail
Dr. Lolwa Al Smeet
Research from Information Science DepartmentApr 19, 2017Lab2, MCC12:30 PM
Mohammad Soud3D HOLOGRAPHY-HoloCubeApr 12, 2017Lab2, MCC12:30 PM
Prof Paul ManuelRelational Identity Algorithm-Social MediaMar 1, 2017Lab2, MCC12:30 PM
Suhaib MuslehDigital Video Forgery Detection for Forensic purposesDec 28, 2016Lab2, MCC12:30 PM
Muhanad AhmadBig Data MiningDec 26, 2016Lab2, MCC12:30 PM
Abdullah AlShattiSolving The Quadratic Assignment Problem Using GPUsDec 21, 2016Lab2, MCC12:30 PM
Yousef Al-HashashYousef Al-HashashNov 28, 2016Lab2, MCC1:00 PM
Dragan StevanovicOn comparing walk counts in GraphsNov 14, 2016Lab2, MCC12:30 PM
Mubarak Al-MarriDNN Approach to Computer Aided Language Pronunciation Applied on Qur’an RecitationOct 19, 2016Lab2, MCC12:30 PM
Prof. Paul ManuelThe chicken or egg paradoxOct 10, 2016Lab2, MCC12:30 PM
Prof Paul ManuelA bridge too farOct 10, 2016Lab2, MCC12:30 PM
Jumana El-QurnaA Model Checking Framework for the Verification of Service Trust BehaviorsApr 27, 2016Lab2, MCC12:45 PM
Dr.Hosam M.Fahmy AboElFotohIntroduction to GPGPU and Cuda C/C++Apr 13, 2016Lab2, MCC12:30 PM
Aisha Al-MutairiClassification and Ranking of Service Trust BehaviorsApr 6, 2016Lab2, MCC12:30 PM
Prof.Robert AldredCounting cycles in cubic graphsMar 30, 2016Seminars Hall 119 ,Next to University Administration`s Building12:30 PM
Prof.Robert AldredBounding the maximum number of cycles in a gragh with p vertices and q edgesMar 28, 2016Seminars Hall 119 ,Next to University Administration`s Building12:30 PM
Mohammad SuoudIntroduction to 3D HOLOGRAPHY Applications and Research AreasMar 23, 2016Lab2, MCC12:30 PM
Ms. Eiman BoujarwahWorking as an Analyst Programmer in Kuwait Institute for Scientific ResearchMar 16, 201612:30 PM
Fatimah Al MoutailigIntrusion Detection Systems for CyberDec 16, 2015Lab3, MCC3:00 PM
Nabegh.A.AlthaljiMining Twitter for Sentiment Analysis in ArabicDec 9, 2015Lab2, MCC12:30 PM
Dr.Hosam M.Fahmy AboELFotohIntroduction to GPGPU and Cuda C/C++Dec 9, 2015Lab2, MCC1:00 PM
Dr. Dragan StevanovicOn ± 1 eigenvector of ƒ graphs.Nov 30, 2015Lab2, MCC1:00 PM
Prof. Mehmet KaraataStabilizing Distributed SystemsNov 16, 2015Lab2, MCC1:10 PM
Dr.Sabu EmmanuelObject Tracking for SurveillanceNov 2, 2015Lab2, MCC1:10 PM
Eiman Ahmad BoujarwahWeb Services Semantic Similarity and Classification Using Conceptual GraphsMay 10, 20175Lab2, MCC10:00 AM
Sayed Hussain Al-MohriComputer vision techniques for motion detectionApr 27, 2015Lab2, MCC2:00 PM
Qadha’a Fazza’a Al-EneziSolution of the Variable Sized Bin Packing Problem Using the P System and CUDA ArchitectureApr 15, 2015Lab2, MCC12:30 PM
Prof. Ludovit NiepelLocating Domination in DigraphsApr 13, 2015Lab2, MCC12:30 PM
Dr. Hamid Al-HamadiDynamic Redundancy Management of Multisource Multipath Routing Integrated with Voting-based Intrusion Detection in Wireless Sensor NetworksApr 6, 2015Lab2, MCC12:45 PM
Reem AldaihaniA new scheme for maximizing the lifetime of heterogeneous wireless sensor networksMar 4, 2015Lab2, MCC12:30 PM
Safa’a AlQallafHybrid Local Search Approximation Algorithm for Solving the Capacitated Max-k-Cut ProblemFeb 16, 20153:30 PM
Prof. Peter HorakModern Cryptography IIFeb 11, 20154:00 PM
Prof. Peter HorakGolomb-Welch ConjectureFeb 9, 201512:30 PM
Prof. Peter HorakModern Cryptography IFeb 9, 20154:00 PM
Yousef AlhashemiAndroid SecurityDec 25, 2014Room 205 Kh. 313:00 PM
Mejren Al-HammadiImage Forgery DetectionDec 17, 2014Lab2, MCC12:30 PM
Dr. Maha AlabduljalilParallel Optimizations for All Pairs Similarity Search and Duplicate Detection SearchNov 3, 2014Lab2, MCC12:30 PM
Mohammed Fathy Ahmed SalehMulti-Scale Multi-Direction DCT for Defect DetectionSept 29, 2014Lab2, MCC10:00 AM
Dr. Wassim JaziriOntologies in Computer Science: their foundations within the Artificial Intelligence and Information Systems CommunitiesSept 24, 201412:30 PM
Dr. Wassim JaziriContributions to Spatial, Temporal and Semantic Information SystemsSept 22, 201411:00 AM
Safa’a Al-QallafOn the Efficiency of Local Search Approximation Algorithms for Solving Graph Partitioning ProblemsSept 22, 2014Lab2, MCC11:00 AM
Nayfah M. AlmutairiElectronic Avian Veterinary (E-Vet)May 8, 2014Lab2, MCC12:30 PM
Jumana EL-QurnaModel Checking Algorithms for Pushdown SystemsApr 24, 2014Lab2, MCC4:30 PM
Aisha Al-MutairiEfficient Service Skyline ComputationApr 24, 2014Lab2, MCC12:30 PM
Prof. Athman BouguettayaManaging Web ServicesApr 17, 20141:00 PM
Prof. Athman BouguettayaServicing Big DataApr 16, 201412:45 PM
Prof. Bernhard ThalheimOpen problems of information systems researchMar 26, 201412:45 PM
Prof. Bernhard ThalheimWeb Information System DevelopmentMar 24, 201412:45 PM
Prof. Bernhard ThalheimCompressed Course this week about “Codesign of Structuring, Functionality, Distribution and Interaction for Information System Development”Mar 23, 20143:00 PM
Dr.Mohammed Al-MutawaAn Approach to Preserving Data Privacy in Computation Offload in Pervasive Computing SystemsMar 10, 2014Lab2, MCC12:45 PM
Dr.Sabu EmmannelMedia ForensicsFeb 17, 2014Lab2, MCC12:45 PM