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The capstone project (CS490 for students admitted before 2018, or CS491 and CS492 for students admitted after 2018) is a compulsory course for every computer science student admitted in or after the academic year 2008/2009. This course serves as a complete design, implementation, and testing experience for the students to transition them to professionals that can effectively function in software engineering teams.

The focus of this project is to design, implement, and test a significant software system under well-defined project goals with a clear plan to successfully achieve the designated goals. Students are urged to prepare ideas suitable for producing a reasonably large system that is of practical use.

In the following, guidelines and information are provided regarding the course. If you are enrolled in CS490, please visit this page regularly to receive the most recent updates. 


Students wishing to enroll in a the capstone project course must prepare a project proposal in the semester prior to enrolling in CS490 (most likely while enrolled in CS390). The knowledge gained in CS390 will assist you in developing a project idea, shape your project proposal, and present it to the department of computer science for approval.

Students must start by forming teams of three or four members and must approach a Computer Science faculty for accepting to be their project advisor. The team must discuss a project idea with the advisor and prepare a complete proposal by the end of the semester prior to enrolling in CS490.

Students must use the departmental proposal template to prepare their project proposals.  Read the proposal template carefully and understand each section. Remember, you must prepare your resume and submit it along with the proposal.

Important note: DO NOT modify the style of the document

Proposal Presentations

Prior to enrolling in CS490, you must have your project proposals completed and approved by the Capstone Project Committee (CPC). At this time, a project proposal presentation will be coordinated with your advisor. Make sure that your proposal is mature enough and be prepared to defend it while presenting it to the CPC.

In your presentations expect CPC members to ask you detailed technical questions about the material you present. You must be able to appropriately address the concerns of CPC members. Notice that the feedback you receive in your proposal presentation aims to improve the work you will perform for your CS490 project.

In addition to technical questions, expect to receive questions on the scope of your work, the purpose and general goals behind it, the final product, a comparison with other similar work, and questions on the particular technologies and framework you chose as your complementary resources.

Project proposal deadline is four weeks prior to the last day of the classes in the semester preceding the semester in which students wish to enroll in CS490.

Submit your complete project proposal to the department’s chair.


According to the decision of the CPC, every approved capstone project team must successfully accomplish the following milestones with the specified deadlines:

First progress presentation: describes the overall system specification, architecture and optionally some perspectives of the design. Deadline: Four weeks since the start of the semester.
Second progress presentation: describes the complete design of the system. Deadline: Four weeks since the preceding deadline.
Final presentation: describes the complete picture of the system including specification, design, testing, and a live demo. Deadline: one week prior to the official end of classes.

Important note: The teams must submit a report for each presentation at most one week prior to the presentation deadline.


Team members will be evaluated according to the following grading distribution:

Proposal 5%
Progress reports 15%
Presentation 15%
Final report 20%
Deliverables 20%
Poster 5%
Coursework 20%